Battle Royale Update (8/31) – Storm Destruction, Vaulting, and Item News

In a Twitter post earlier today, @FortniteGame released a video entitled “Battle Royale Update” in which they gave us a bit of a sneak peak into what’s going to be coming up in the newest update, v5.40, hits next week. Below are the key points that were brought up in the video, and if you want to see the whole thing, we will link it at the bottom of this page!

Dev Update on v5.40 Key Points:

  • Storm Destruction
    • “The basic idea is: The edge of the storm will do damage to player-built structures in the final phases of the game.”
    • “Less than 10% of our matches are affected by this, or make it that long, and so we’re really trying to tactically adjust the final stages to provide a little bit more of a dynamic gameplay.”
    • “We really look forward to your feedback on this feature, and we are excited to see how it plays out!”
  • Revolver Vaulting
    • “In 5.40, we will be vaulting the revolver”
    • “In the past, you’ve seen that we’ve brought back the Guided Missile, which was vaulted for a period of time, so being vaulted doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s gone forever.”
    • “Using this an initiative to keep the item pool feeling fresh, exciting, dynamic, and we’ll be targeting future updated, potentially Season 6, as a possibility to vault more items.”
  • Item Updates
    • “In 5.40, we’ll be  adding a new mobility item.”
    • “Remote Explosive rarity going to increase from Rare to Epic to match its effectiveness.”
    • “The Boogie Bomb will be dropping in a stack size of 2, where as it was one previously.”
    • “Shields will be adjusted from a maximum stack size of two, to a maximum stack size of three.”

I think one of the biggest announcements for this new update has definitely been the new Storm Destruction element, making defensive building during the end-game much more difficult. And, of course, we cannot forget to mention that there’s going to be a new mobility item?!

Not only do we already have Shopping Carts and ATK’s for ground movement, but we also have stationary rifts, as well as the brand new Rift-to-Go to cover huge amounts of ground, very quickly. We also were recently given the newest version of the Impulse Grenades, the Shockwave Grenades, which launch you roughly twice the distance, and eliminates the fear of fall damage!

What do you think of this update? What do you think will be the new mobility item? Check out our Contact Us tab, and let us know!


To view the original tweet, and see the whole video, see below!


Week 2

Week 2 Challenges:
Below you will find our guide to completing all of the Map-Based challenges of Week 2, as quickly as possible!

Search between an Oasis, Rock Archway, and Dinosaurs (Hard) – 10 Battle Stars

  • First, you want to head into the southern dessert-portion of the map and locate the Oasis (biggest body of water in the dessert)
  • Follow the river that flows from the Oasis into the valley, and go just around the first bend
  • On a platform slightly elevated above ground, you will find two large cacti and one small one, with a flower on it, standing in the shadow of a rock formation
  • The Hidden Battle Star will be in-between the flowered cactus and one of the other big ones, that all line up with the rock

Score a 3 point shot at different basketball courts – 5 Battle Stars

  • In order to score a 3-pointer, use your basketball emote (unlocked at Battle Pass Tier 11, with the Fancy Basketball unlocked at Tier 91 ) standing on or behind the three point line on any of the courts around the map
*Note: 9 total basketball hoop locations marked with a yellow circle
  • The order of hoops made does not matter, so use this map to expedite your in-game 3-point skills!

Week 1 Challenges

Week 1 Challenges

Follow The Treasure Map in Risky Reels:

Upon searching for the treasure map in risky reels you will find this (shown Below) depicting an “X” on top of the bridge on the Town Side of what is now Tomato Temple.

Landing in Tomato, you will see the location as follows:

Search Floating Lightning Bolts:

Below indicates the location of all floating Lightning bolts for this week

Week 1 Battle Star:

After completing all of the Week 1 Challenges, you can find the week 1 battle star. (Unlike last season when you could find it whenever you wanted) . After completing all of the Week 1 challenges, you will be awarded a new loading screen.

Upon looking closer, you will find that the treasure map leads you to the Umbrella between Lazy Links and Motel.

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