Week 1 Challenges

Week 1 Challenges

Follow The Treasure Map in Risky Reels:

Upon searching for the treasure map in risky reels you will find this (shown Below) depicting an “X” on top of the bridge on the Town Side of what is now Tomato Temple.

Landing in Tomato, you will see the location as follows:

Search Floating Lightning Bolts:

Below indicates the location of all floating Lightning bolts for this week

Week 1 Battle Star:

After completing all of the Week 1 Challenges, you can find the week 1 battle star. (Unlike last season when you could find it whenever you wanted) . After completing all of the Week 1 challenges, you will be awarded a new loading screen.

Upon looking closer, you will find that the treasure map leads you to the Umbrella between Lazy Links and Motel.

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