Week 2

Week 2 Challenges:
Below you will find our guide to completing all of the Map-Based challenges of Week 2, as quickly as possible!

Search between an Oasis, Rock Archway, and Dinosaurs (Hard) – 10 Battle Stars

  • First, you want to head into the southern dessert-portion of the map and locate the Oasis (biggest body of water in the dessert)
  • Follow the river that flows from the Oasis into the valley, and go just around the first bend
  • On a platform slightly elevated above ground, you will find two large cacti and one small one, with a flower on it, standing in the shadow of a rock formation
  • The Hidden Battle Star will be in-between the flowered cactus and one of the other big ones, that all line up with the rock

Score a 3 point shot at different basketball courts – 5 Battle Stars

  • In order to score a 3-pointer, use your basketball emote (unlocked at Battle Pass Tier 11, with the Fancy Basketball unlocked at Tier 91 ) standing on or behind the three point line on any of the courts around the map
*Note: 9 total basketball hoop locations marked with a yellow circle
  • The order of hoops made does not matter, so use this map to expedite your in-game 3-point skills!

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